If you think that your child or someone you know may be suffering from a speech or language disorder click here to see Normal Speech and Language Development, to determine if you need to contact us for an appointment.
Individual and group sessions available:

Articulation therapy
Involves the remediation of speech sounds that are produced incorrectly by children or adults.

Language therapy
Involves the treatment of language concepts including, but not limited to, social language, syntax, semantics, and auditory comprehension.

Fluency therapy
Involves the treatment of stuttering, cluttering and other rhythmic speech disorders.

Voice therapy
Involves the treatment of functional vocal disorders to promote effective and efficient use of the vocal mechanism.

Involves the use, selection, training and or programming of an alternative communication systems.

Accent/ dialect instruction
Involves systematic training to reduce dialects or accents

Partner training for persons with Aphasia
Involves training of communication partners of individuals who have had a stroke to help foster better communication.

Lip reading
Involves direct instruction on speech reading strategies and techniques. Great for individuals with degenerative hearing loss

Corporate Speaking
Involves critique and instruction on persuasive and other public speaking techniques.

Special Summer Camps
     *Partner training for persons with Aphasia
     *Social skills for Autism

  • Speech and Language
  • Alternative Assessments
    • Dialect/Accent
    • Functional Communication
    • AAC
    • Public Speaking
  • Social Cognitive Assessments
  • Voice Assessment
  • Fluency Assessment
Assessments are necessary to develop therapy plans for any type of speech and/or language disorder. Assessments must be conducted by the treating clinician before treatment begins. Assessments may take place in the clinic or natural settings depending on the client and my require more than one visit.

Tele-consultations can be conducted over the phone for a fee of $25.00 per 30 minutes. If you have specific questions regarding a specific individual's speech and/or language skills, please go to our contact us page and request a consultation.

Educational consulting is also available.